Mayo Street Arts is a non-profit arts center located in Portland's East Bayside neighborhood, at the old St. Ansgar's Church. With six artist studios, ongoing dance classes, music and theater performances, and arts exhibitions, there is always something happening here.
Fmi or 207.615.3609


Art with Heart Hootenanny February 13th!

Artists and Auction Items:

Jay York $100 worth of photographic services
Lisa Dombek "Mirror Mirror" mixed media print
"Aimless Wanderings" by Owen Grumbling with photography by Mark Emerson.
Galen Richmond "Door to the North" Amplified Book 
Squid and Whale Tattoo $600 worth of tattoo time 
Cat Schwenk "House of Memory" fired porcelain & encaustic
Greg Gilman heart sculpture
 Deidre Nice "Cow!" painting
Shannon Rankin "Into the Ether" archival print
Justin Richel "Bird Tree" archival print 
Charlie Hewitt "Good Dog" wp
Yeshe Parks "Corinthian Corroding" oil & collage on canvas
Rebecca Fitzpatrick "Valentine" collage on paper
Nick Fitzpatrick "Little Captain's Chair" Fish House Furniture
Ferdinand hand made valentines
Amy Stacey Curtis "Ice Cubes" charcoal & graphite drawing

Pat Corrigan "Untitled" Ink Drawing
Marita Kennedy-Castro  Four Hours of West-African dance classes
Robin Tara Hand-Painted Dance Shoes from Tara Designs

 The Pepperclub gift certificates
Lisa Purinton "Untitled" archival print
Coleen Kinsella "Night Dancers #5" archival print

One-year subscription to The Cafe Review
Peapod Recordings 8-hour recording session, Forest City Studios
Mike Dank Diddley-Bo Instrument
Pinecone and Chickadee gift certificate

Martha Brianna "Violins", "Lobster" woodblock prints
Annie Sekonia "Streetlamps" colored pencil drawing

Nance Parker valentine lady mask
Jill Dalton Handmade glass earrings
Ernie Paterno glass 
Jen Elsmore earrings
Ben Coombs glass 
Elizabeth Baird ephemera valentine
Katie West laughter yoga party
The Blue Spoon gift certificate - Dinner for Two
Audrey Hotchkiss photography
Josh Dallaire "The Eve of Spring" colored pencil drawing
Willa Vennema "Memory: Trees" oil & cold wax painting
Willa Wirth gift certificate 
Bryan Bruchman photography
Melynda Amann "Creepy Pygmy" oil on velvet
Molly Angie: $60 worth of sewing services
Ian Anderson "Butterdish" ceramics
Patti Sandburg ceramics
David/Kaufman/Energy Solutions: One Energy Audit
Signed Local Mini-Library:
Books from Betsy Sholl, Martin Steingesser, Kevin Sweeney, Steve Luttrell & Michael Macklin.
Brendan Ferri  "Pig" woodcut
Cafe Review Signed Franz Wright Broadside
Megan Grumbling Ode-to-Order
Anne Page Indian Journal
Martin Steingesser Signed Broadside
Catherine Fisher "Thump" A Valentine
Ed Zelinsky "Meta Man" Walnut Ink
Bessie Smith Moulton hand-made chocolate truffles

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